Daimler UX Lab Guide

The UX Lab team of Mercedes' and SHARE NOW's parent company Daimler provides UX and design know-how for the whole group in form of a library of guides. Through a prototypical, user-centered process, we at Strichpunkt made sure this rich knowledge is easy to navigate and – thanks to the use of illustration and animation – presented in a manifold and well-consumable way.

A visual abstraction of an explanatory chart. Abstraction of platform layout in dark and light theme.

Additionally, we've worked on an MVP for a tool that helps with identifying opportunities to optimize the involvement of the UX perspective in projects.

Abstraction of a circular graph showing progress.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

The project evolved within a co-creation process with teams at Strichpunkt, the UX Lab team on the client side and users of the guide. I've been involved in the pitch, research and design development phases. My contributions include conceptual and visual exploration and direction, interactive prototypes, design development based on research and orchestration of content creation.

No Public Links

The guide is accessible to employees and vendors of the Daimler Group only.