DHL UI Design System

At Strichpunkt, we worked with the logistics giant DHL to simplify its brand design. In the process, we’ve created a new custom font together with Dalton Maag, a themeable interface design system that strives to comply with the latest WCAG accessibility standards, a partially public brand platform that allows users to quickly find what they are looking for, and a design assistant for employees. The latter is capable of creating on-brand layouts for a variety of different purposes.

Delivery — Custom made brand typeface. Shines in interfaces.
Design System — a collage of many different interface components

Animation & Transition

Brand Hub — Find what you need and get going.
Layout Assistant — Automatically generated designs based on user input and smart algorithms.

Team Work
Makes The Dream Work

The project was realized collaboratively by the teams at Strichpunkt, the client, Dalton Maag, and with the input of teams and partners working on and with the brands at various touchpoints. I’ve been involved in the pitch, rebriefing, exploration, development, and execution phase. During this time I’ve contributed product ideas, made them tangible as interactive prototypes, orchestrated the interface design system, set up a component kit, supported product and platform development teams, accompanied the development of the typeface, and produced static and interactive designs for reference.


  • Brand Platform of DPDHL, DHL and Deutsche Post
  • Full Case by Strichpunkt Design
  • Dalton Maag

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